Thank you for your interest in Mapala!
We sent detailed documentation (Whitepaper) about our project to your email.
You can also read it on this link. Below you can read the details of the investments.

How to participate in the PRE-ICO Mapala
Register a personal account
Follow this link to our website and register an account. Keep it in a safe place.
Go to the ICO
After registration, navigate to the ICO, the button on the header of the website.
In this section, you will find your personal e-wallet, and complete information on the distribution of Coins for the current and past weeks.
Type desired amount
Send desired amount of Bitcoins to your personal wallet. After verification (40-60 minutes), you will see your record in the current week table of investors, in accordance with the amount of your transfer.

How to use a ruble/dollar or another currency?
We only accept Bitcoins in order to be completely transparent to investors and as a technical guarantee of the possession purchased with Coins
You can exchange your currency for Bitcoins using online exchanges or with Telegram-bot.
Please contact us on our Telegram chat or write us an e-mail and we will give you detailed instructions on how to do it in 3 minutes

Control of funds
And why we selected for accounting 3 Blockchain networks
Each user can go to our BTC wallet and check when and how much money have been received
All information about your transfers are stored in the Bitcoin blockchain forever. Each of your transactions confirms the funds transfer
Weekly, we post the investment reports on the blockchains Golos and Steem, and report publicly about each received cent

The mechanics of the Coins distribution
Every week we produce 1.8 million new Mapala-coins:

  • 45% or 810 thousand coins are sent to the investors in proportion of their contributions
  • 45% or 810 thousand coins, go to the project team

  • 10% or 180 thousand coins reserved in bounty Fund, which is funded by promoting the community activity

Learn more about the project and distribution of the Coins, you can read the documentation of the project

Still have questions or just want to talk to us about Mapala?
Write us on Telegram, we will be happy to talk
with you!
Phone : +7-930-128-9767
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