Investment opportunity to already active blockchain project

New business model on tourism market
Idea of Mapala project in 2 minutes
Worldwide community and online service
for travelers
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and whitepaper of the project
How users see Mapala
Commission for each transaction on the platform
Similar business models: UBER, Bla-Bla-Car, Airbnb
Commission from each posted article
Autor's rewards provided by Steem and Golos blockchains
Access to Trading Panel requires Mapala-Coins
It provides the demand for the Coins and their long-term growth on digital stock market
Speculative interest to big money (investors)
We are using blockchain technology for creating new business model in the tourism market
Stages of development
The most profitable conditions at the first stage
Fundraising for the development
Micro investment (pre-ICO)
The lowest price of the coin
Fundraising: limited (up to $450'000)
Accomplish of the development
Fundraising on worldwide scale
The participation of lots of investors (ICO)
The average price of the coin
Fundraising: unlimited
Entering to stock markets
The involvement of big players
Market price of the coin
The possibility to sell coins
Comparison with others blockchain projects
The cost of the Coins on the digital market will grow concurrently with the project attach rate
$1200 per coin
Bitcoin -
First cryptocurrency
● Instant money transfers between countries
● Anonymous
● Withdraw with any bank card in any country of the world
● The main currency in blockchain's world

● Hasn't reached a wide audience yet

$40 per coin
Ethereum -
Smart-contracts platform
● Allows to generate program code that controls the money
● Allows to produce cryptocurrency

● Available only to programmers
● Hasn't reached a wide audience yet

$0.0018 per coin
Mapala -
International community
● Free travels
● Gameplay mechanics
● Using cryptocurrency in the real world to a wider audience
Alexey Muraviev
Physicist nanostructures and optoelectronics engineer.
A former employee of the Nuclear Center with 3 top secret clearance.
Architect social supersystem
Alexey Soloviev
Supports the health of the blockchain Golos, being the top delegate of Golos.Organizes work within the team Mapala.
Ilya Orlov
Specialist of international relations. Studied at the University of Zurich. Blockchain enthusiast.
Arjun Mezentsev
The coach of the team in the TRIZ methodology for solving complex problems
Dmitriy Udin
5 years of web development Python/Django, more than 30 projects, including social networks, booking service for big Russian travel-agency.
Nikita Kuznetsov
Pytnon/Django developer
Stas Oskin (CEO Wings) about Mapala
Development Roadmap
Release 1. Test of concept
✅ ALFA-version as a blogging platform which pays authors for their articles.
Based on simple web-technologies which allow to quick start with minimum expenses.

Release 2. Knowledge base integration
✅ Transfer platform to more modern and efficient web technologies (
● Activation of Traveler functions;
● Integration with Google Maps and;
● Personal Account;
● Cities rating;
● Setting up of the main tasks for the development of local communities.

Release 3. Traveling companions
● Function for creating events and search for travel Companions;
● Extension of the tasks system and rewards based on real experience.

Release 4. Functionalities for Entrepreneurs
● Trading Panel;
● Task for Entrepreneurs;
● Secure transactions and display services.

Release 5. Wiki editing
● Collaborative editing on Wikipedia

After the fifth release the ICO at Autumn 2017 ( Initial Coin Offering on online stock markets)
Goal of 1st stage of investing
  • Completion of the main functionality
  • The platform is ready to scale
  • The extension staff of programmers
  • ICO advertising campaign to attract big investors
Get investing quotes and White Paper of the project
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